ISB Assessment Types and Strategies Academic Session 2020-21

IMPORTANT – Strictly No Retests

  1. Strictly no assessment will be re-conducted.
  2. Child missing out assessment due to a Medical reason or any school-approved leave will be given a grade based on the subject average at the end of the academic year.
  3. Students having less than 80% attendance will be given no remark under the promotion category due to the shortage of attendance.
  4. Students participating in overseas competitions, CBSE clusters and National or any school-sponsored competition or a competition where seven or more schools are competing with prior approval from the school will be entitled to RE-TEST after their return as school considers all such participation as Educational and Learning Extensions.
  5. Prior written approval is a must for point No 2, 3 and 4 and immediately on their return they need to submit required supporting evidence/docs to AVP office to avail this facility.
  6. Any child missing any assessment except point number 4 will be out of school award system for that academic year.


Assessment Domains and Observation

Grade 1 - Building Blocks and 2 - Learning Ladders

Assessment Domains and Observation

Grade 3 to 4 - Assessment Structure

Grade 5 to 8 Assessment Structure


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