Uniform and Other Accessories

ISB is a secular institution. So, no student is allowed to display his / her religious affinity in behaviour or attitude. Any nonconformity from the agreed uniform is unaccepted. Parents are requested to monitor the turn-out of their wards in the morning before they set off to school.

Points to remember: -

  1. Students are expected to keep their appearance neat & tidy. 
  2. The school uniform should be worn when attending school and representing the school at functions outside school. 
  3. Students should always be dressed in the prescribed school uniform or games dress, wherever applicable.
  4. Informal dress is permitted only on certain excursions/expeditions/outings.
  5. All the buttons, except the top one, of the shirt, will be fastened.
  6. Clothes and shoes not of the regulation pattern, or, in any way, unsuitable, will not be allowed.
  7. Students are allowed to wear coloured clothes on their birthdays. However, please note the clothes have to be formal, befitting a school.
  8. Students should always be dressed in the complete prescribed school uniform or games uniform (wherever applicable) whenever attending the school.
  9. All students are expected to wear school uniform on all occasions, including Parents Facilitator Meeting or whenever engaged in school-related activities outside the school.
  10. Ankle socks are not permitted, and shoes shall be neat and polished.
  11. Colouring of hair is strictly prohibited.

KG to Grade 2 Boys and Girls

Grade 3 to 10 Boys and Girls

  • Boys
    • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, chains, bracelets, wrist bands, or rings.
    • Skinny and low waist trousers are not permitted.
    • Boys are expected to have a proper haircut. They are not permitted to sport long sideburns/beards while they are in school. The boys must keep their hair short and well-groomed.
    • All boys must have a regulation haircut (sideburns and long hair on the nape, mushroom cut, crew cut, etc. are forbidden). Beard or stubble is not permitted.
    • No student is expected to wear a cap except during outdoor activities. 

House Uniforms:

·         House Uniform should be worn every Tuesday.


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